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New Client Journey

+4HPC coaching cobines program design, nutrition, biomechanical analysis, and continuous education to put you on the most efficient track toward hitting all of your goals. 

We have built a system that breeds success!

Our personalized programs are shaped around the client using dozens of data points, from sleep quality to stress levels. We value honesty and integrity, so when it comes to your health, we tell exactly what you need to hear to get the outcomes you want. But there is no magic to what we do. We do the basics, and we do them well. 

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Step 1

Strategy Session

Find out if we’re right for you!

If you’re looking for a coach, why not come speak with us to decide for yourself? It’s a complimentary session so we can both decide if we are a good fit to work together, free and helpful = win/win.


This is the first step all our successful clients take in their journey where you come into the studio to have a chat. You clearly get to meet us, check out the studio and then we find out what you need help with.


From here we outline the step-by-step plan to ensure you feel confident our solution is what you are looking for. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in your choices and that we are the right people to help you with your health and performance! After all, you’re unique so we assess how we can best help you.


Maybe you need a different nutritional strategy that encompasses your needs specifically? Not just a BS calorie slashing plan that lets you eat a salad leaf and lick an apple. Maybe you have multiple weaknesses or limitations with your body creating constant niggles or injuries? We biomechanically assess all our clients in their second session to address current problems and avoid future issues.


When you decide we are the right coaches for you, we move to the true beginning of our client journey and get into the specifics starting with nutritional foundations!


Step 2

Nutrition Foundations

You’re first 1-1 training session!

This is your first session where we sit down and take a deep dive into your nutrition and plan an approach designed just for you.


The nutritional approach is completed and built together with your coach. We do this to ensure we provide options that will both suit your food preferences and achieve your goals!


Don’t like tuna? No problem. Like chocolate? No problem. Like wine? Sure. We will create a tailored plan that evolves with you along the way whilst still achieving your goals!


We are qualified to provide nutritional advice, unlike many coaches who limited knowledge relying on an unsustainable, restrictive approach to nutrition.


From this session you will have a clear plan to act on based on your needs, likes and goals. This plan also evolves over time as you do and often changes, it’s not a set and forget, just the foundation on which to build on.


When you decide we are the right coaches for you, we move to the true beginning of our client journey and get into the specifics starting with nutritional foundations!


Step 3

Biomechanical Assessment

You’re second 1-1 training session!

Biomechanical assessment is another foundation setting session that objectively assesses your body to identify imbalances, weakness, and instability.


We assess your joints and movement patterns so we can create a plan that’s going to be tailored to your body! We want to ensure we reduce the chances of future niggles, injuries and discomfort whilst dealing with present issues straight away.


Once our assessment is complete, we can write a training program suited to your body specifically. Not all people should barbell deadlift, not all people should overhead shoulder press. Context matters for every exercise chosen in your program and should have a purpose based on your body. If you’re reading this and you have a coach, if they can’t justify an exercise in your plan, get a new coach.


Fitness girl having weight training with assistance of coach in gym.

Step 4

Ongoing Development, Education and Support

Continuous Education and Support!

After our foundational sessions you’ll be armed with a fully customised training, nutritional and lifestyle plan. However, as alluded to above, this is not where the journey ends. Most people still require education, support, and guidance for months to come as our initial plans change regularly and simply writing one plan and sticking to that will only yield so much progress.


We change our approaches, training plans, nutritional strategies and lifestyle management based on each individuals needs and what is required at any given time.


For example, some people may have gut issues when beginning, which, if comfortable, a client may be recommended to try an elimination style approach to resolve and gastric distress and resolve the issues. This is not the approach they would stay on forever, it would change when necessary based on feedback and communication.


Another example related to your training program would be moving to a different exercise once able and safe to do so. If you have poor hip mobility, lacking ankle mobility and poor core control a barbell squat may be something we avoid initially but bring in later when these issues have been addressed.


There are many ways we work with you but ultimately its dependent upon what will best work for you. You may require educational tutorials, progress evaluations, program updates, strength testing, biometric testing and much more. We find what works for you.


So with the key foundations now in place, the only things that will stop you from achieving your goals is time and consistently showing up to put in the work.

Start your fitness journey with us today..


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